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Venue 28 providers rooms to hire for a range of activities for adults and children alike.

Classes Schedule

Class Day More Info
Spotlight  Monday/Saturday  Click Here
Slimming World Beckenham  Monday  Click Here
Hatha Yoga  Monday
Shotaken Karate  Monday/Saturday Click Here
Rose Yoga  Tuesday
Bromley College Recovery Yoga (MIND)  Monday/Thursday Click Here
Health Our Focus/Carla Yoga  Tuesday Click Here
Salsa Mania/Ania  Tuesday Click Here
Dementia Cafe  Wednesday Click Here
Kumon  Wednesday Click Here
Pilates in Motion Laura Watford  Wednesday/Thursday Click Here
Weight Watchers  Thursday Click Here
Focus Taekwondo  Thursday Click Here
Radiant Yoga  Friday Click Here
Pop School  Friday/Saturday Click Here
Mindfulness  Tuesday Click Here
Hsin Yoga  Monday Click Here
Lucy Lovick Dance School  Various Dates Click Here

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If you’re a teacher and would like to make an enquiry to host a class please call:

020 8658 8168

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